Thursday, March 8, 2012

How to cut 50% Carbs from your Sandwich:

By definition, "sandwich" stands for two slices of bread containing some edible item(s) between them.  "Sandwich" has also become a verb; “I was sandwiched between two fat persons in the plane”.  In order to cut the carbs from a sandwich we have to get away from the accepted definition of “sandwich” and create a new definition.  The part of any sandwich that gives it a high carb rating is the bread.  As the breads have become more and more “sophisticated”, they tend to become greater in carb content.  While a slice of plain whole wheat bread may have 15g of carbs, a slice of bagel has 20g of carbs, and a slice of ciabatta bread has 25g of carbs.   The simplest way to reduce the carb content of a sandwich is to cut the amount of bread in it.  Let’s say that you are eating out and order a sandwich containing some vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers on whole wheat bread.  That sandwich has a total of 35g of carbs (15g for each slice of bread and 5g for the veggies).  If you simply take out the top slice of bread and don’t eat it, you have reduced the total carb content to 20g of carbs, almost half of the 35g for the regular sandwich.  Simple enough?  If you are going to eat at home and have the opportunity of making your own sandwich then you can use the following recipe:

1.  Cut a lot of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and avocados.  Keep some sprouts and baby spinach leaves on hand too.

2.  Toast two slices of bread.
   3.   Spread pesto or chutney on the toast along with, and optionally, olive oil or mayo.

   4.    For the ease of eating, cut the slice of bread in two and then load it up with the veggies.  Add salt and pepper per your taste. Cheese is optional.

    5.  There, you have a sandwich which is highly satisfying, fills your stomach, and with only half the carbs (35g).  Look for “open-faced sandwich” at expensive restaurants or at your home!  I eat such sandwiches at least three times a week.

    6.   ..and here’s new me! 
You too can create a new you.


vivari said...

very nice sandwich and very nice pictures.I will try it too.thanks

Shweta Sonny said...

I really want a new me so i am gonna try this..

thanks for sharing :)


Atul Thakkar said...

Thank you Shweta.
I am curious,how did you find out about this blog?

Shweta Sonny said...


I found your blog when I was searching for some Indian recipes and the owner of that blog was following you.. :)

I dnt remember who in particular..


Varsha Naik said...

Yummy looking sandwiches...never thought of adding sprouts! Good healthy high fiber idea

Atul Thakkar said...

Varsha, I am glad you liked the idea of adding sprouts to sandwiches. Sprouts also add a distinctive taste to the sandwich. I wish Americans knew how easy it is to grow sprouts in one's home. By the way, I believe you were following a blog by Mahek.

Shweta S said...

Ya I guess it was Mahek's blog..