Sunday, April 14, 2013

Additional Information

Many people have lost weight based on my experience and you will too.  Just be doggedly disciplined.  Do not deviate from the plan until you reach your desired weight and be stable for 3 months after that.  Then only you can give yourself an occasional gift.  But until then, there should be no excuses, not for birthdays, not for anniversaries, not for religious ceremonies, not for પ્રસાદ (प्रशाद ), not for મારા સમ (मेरी कसम), nothing whatsoever.

Permanent weight loss only happens with a combination of food intake and exercise.  I believe the combination is 90% food intake and 10% exercise.  However exercise acts as a catalyst, meaning without exercise, control of food intake will have no positive effect.  In fact, it will have negative effects like backache (muscle spasms), because without exercise weight loss occurs from muscles instead of body fat.  Without control of food intake, no matter how much you exercise, you will not lose weight either!  Hence, the combination is essential.  Remember to walk everyday.  Park your car farthest away from the entrance in a mall parking lot.  

Two persons in my office Cederick and Alexis surprised me when I returned to Maryland from California after six months.  Both of them work in our warehouse.  Their jobs involve lifting of heavy boxes all day long.  So physical activity was not an issue but both were overweight.  After seeing me succeed they had decided to do something about their own health.  They completely stopped eating all grains, including wheat, corn and rice.  They both have lost a lot of weight and look fit and muscular.  You too can do it.