Thursday, November 17, 2011

About Diabetes:

In order to successfully overcome diabetes and its effects one must understand what diabetes is.  Diabetes Mellitus or sugar diabetes is a condition defined by a set of symptoms, most commonly, higher than normal levels of sugar in the blood and excretion of sugar in urine.  The condition was originally discovered by the symptom of sweet fruity smell of the urine.  These symptoms can occur for a variety of causes like; pancreas not producing insulin, liver producing too much sugar, master hormones not giving proper messages to liver or pancreas, cells not being able to utilize sugars,  too much fat in and around cells inhibiting usage of sugar by the cells, pregnancy, etc.  Some pregnant women become diabetic during pregnancy but become normal after delivery.  This is known as gestational diabetes.  This has led to an interesting theory about the growth of fetus in the womb, which leads to pressure on the pancreas causing it to not function properly, thereby leading some people to believe that putting on weight around the abdomen puts pressure on pancreas causing it to malfunction.  Whatever the reasons may be, treatment of diabetes is essentially the same; diet, exercise, drugs and insulin. 

Diabetes can be controlled and type II diabetes can even be reversed by diet and exercise.  There are many doctors who conduct training for reversing type II diabetes through vegan diets and exercise.  I intend to prove that Type I diabetes can also be reversed.  I’ll talk more about that in the future when it happens. 

I know from personal experience how my sugar levels vary based on perceived stress and other situations.  You see, I measure my sugar levels at least five times a day.  I have to do so in order to compute the amount of insulin I need to inject before eating.  This gives me an insight into how my body reacts to different situations.  What I have found out is that when I am going through situations that my mind thinks are stressful then my sugar levels stay high and do not come down easily.  One of those stressful situations used to be attending my office in Maryland.  But having recognized it as a stressor, I have “changed” my mind about attending the office in Maryland and have successfully reversed the outcome.  On the other hand, situations that I perceive to be joyous tend to drop my sugar levels, sometimes they drop too much.  One of those situations is holding a very young baby in my hands.  Another one happens every time when my friends Haren and Raksha visit us.

Quiz#3:  What do you think would happen if Haren and Raksha were to move in with us, or we babysat a young baby every day?